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Uncertainty remains in controversial housing scheme in Grays


A CONTROVERSIAL housing scheme in Thurrock remains in limbo after more than two years of public protest appear to have forced a rethink.

Thurrock Council had planned to build social housing on the Belmont allotments site in Grays but it ran into significant opposition from residents concerned about over development and traffic blight.

The debate over the site has raged on and on, with the council taking a seemingly intransigent position.

But last year council leader Rob Gledhill opened a chink of light on residents’ concerns and now a throwaway line in a report to last week’s cabinet meeting suggested a change if heart might be happening. See story on our sister website via the red button below.

Today the council confirmed a pause to plans, telling Thurrock Nub News: “A review is ongoing which has led to a pause in works.

“We continue to review all options for access to this site to enable the delivery of much needed housing in the borough including 28 affordable homes.”

The three Grays Riverside councillors have welcomed this decision.

They said: “Whilst we welcome this ‘pause,’ we remain vigilant and sceptical. This scheme, which we dubbed ‘The Belmont Debacle,’ caused great distress to the residents of Parker Road and the surrounding area.

“The Council’s consultation process was poor, and the scheme was completely ill-thought out. No consideration was given to the absurdity of accessing the proposed site.

“With major problems now coming to light with the Council’s regeneration process, we can see that the incompetence of this scheme wasn’t, and indeed isn’t, a one off.”



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