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Celebrate the literary landscapes of Thurrock

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Celebrate literary landscapes of Thurrock

PLACE is as great an inspiration to artists as people are. Narratives are often inextricably linked with the places and environments that produced them. Thurrock Adult Community College is offering an adult learning course that explores and celebrates the rich literary history of Thurrock.

Thurrock has been graced by the presence of two of the greatest ‘classic’ novelists writing in the English language: Daniel Defoe and Joseph Conrad. More recently, modern fiction and non-fiction has produced writers who range from having a casual interest in Thurrock to an ongoing fascination with it. Nicola Barker belongs to the former group while Ian Sinclair is a good example of the latter.

Two of the greatest and most profound works of gothic horror: Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ and Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ have interesting connections to Thurrock. Study relevant extracts from the primary texts of these writers as well as related texts and blogs. As well as reading and discussion, it is also hoped that the course will involve some wild ‘literary’ rambling – but nothing too strenuous!

Why not book onto the one-off taster class before joining the short course? Search for Literary Landscapes of Thurrock and book online at


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