Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Thurrock Conservative group welcome Chafford Labour councillor to their group

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THE Conservative Group on Thurrock Council has yet another new member with Cllr Abbie Akinbohun joining them on Tuesday. This now brings the number of Conservatives Councillors on the Councillor to 26, the largest number since 2007.

Conservative and Council Leader Rob Gledhill said “I welcome Cllr Akinbohun to the ever expanding Conservative Group, yet another great councillor who will continue to serve the community who voted her to office with the dedication and zeal she has shown since May 2018. It is becoming ever clearer to elected member from across that chamber that we cannot go back to the days of Labour slash and burn budgets and cheap political stunts if we truly want much needed improvements and regeneration to come to Thurrock.”

Cllr Akinbohun said “Clean it, Cut it, Fill It, extra Police, action on gang problems in Chafford have all be delivered by the Conservatives and there promises to spend the proposed Council Tax increase on the environment, children’s social care and further tackling Anti-Social Behaviour will bring even more improvements to Chafford and the rest of Thurrock.”


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