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Pregnant woman rescued by fire service after falling asleep while cooking

Chadwell St

ESSEX Firefighters are urging neighbours not to ignore smoke alarms, following an incident in Chadwell St Mary in the early hours of this morning.

A pregnant woman was woken up by her smoke alarms going off just after 12:45am, after falling asleep while cooking.

When firefighters arrived at the ninth floor flat they quickly extinguished the chip pan fire and ensured the area was safe.

Watch Manager Kevin Hercock, Orsett Fire Station, said:

“While at the scene, a number of neighbours mentioned they had heard the smoke alarms going off but hadn’t called the Fire and Rescue Service because they assumed someone else had.

“Never ignore your neighbour’s smoke alarm and don’t assume we already know or that it’s a false alarm.

“Smoke alarms alert everyone to the first sign of fire, and by taking notice of your neighbour’s alarm you could just save their life. “Thankfully in this incident the woman escaped without injury.”

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