Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Thurrock Labour councillors continue to put pressure on possible building plans across borough


A NUMBER of Labour activists have continued to put pressure on Thurrock Council regarding possible plans to build on green spaces in Thurrock.

Ruth Clapham, a save our green spaces campaigner for the Labour Party, commenting on rumours that some Thurrock Tory Councillors have apparently broken ranks over Tory plans to concrete over green spaces across Thurrock said:

“Almost 1,000 local residents have signed our petition since we launched it last week. More people are demanding petition forms every day. We are also working with other groups such as ‘Save our Green Spaces’ to get these crazy Tory plans scrapped.

“It’s hardly surprising, in the face of such public anger, that some local Tory councillors might be having a rethink. This Tory flip-flopping is just a sideshow and our fight goes on and we need more people to join us. If you haven’t already signed the petition and would like copies email campaigns@thurrocklabour.co.uk”

Local Ockendon Councillor Sue Shinnick added “The Tories are so out of touch and thought they could hoodwink local communities by supporting these plans and hope they wouldn’t notice. Residents know the truth and more importantly it confirms the Tories are completely untrustworthy.”


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