Friday, June 2, 2023

Thurrock Council announce increase in council tax

council tax

Increased funding for social care, the environment and to tackle anti-social behaviour

THURROCK Council has agreed aN increase in Council Tax with all additional funding being used to tackle anti-social behaviour and fund improvements in social care and the environment.

Today’s Budget Council has voted to increase general Council Tax by 1.49 per cent with a two per cent increase on the social care precept.

Cllr Shane Hebb, portfolio holder for finance, said: “We have done something that 97% of councils in the UK cannot and approved a below inflation general Council Tax increase combined with increased investment in the key areas which we know matter most to the borough’s residents.

“Thurrock Council still has the lowest Council Tax rate in Essex and is in one of the best financial positions of any unitary authority in the UK.

“Our innovative investment strategy and prudential financial strategy means that Thurrock Council is in a sound position. We have a balanced budget until 2023 along with budget surpluses we will spend, penny-for-penny, on residents of this borough.

“Where many councils are cutting services we have invested in continued improvements including £1m towards new police officers, £670,000 to tackle anti-social behaviour, £500,000 for mental health support in local schools and £1.2m for environmental improvements.”


  1. What they havent told us is the cost for the councils 2% pay rise will be , That will be hidden away somewhere in the bowels of the budget.

  2. More bullshit for residents to feed on.

    Council policy – Give the monkeys some nuts.


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