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Grays councillors slam management over caretaking in Seabrooke Rise

GRAYS Labour councillors have slammed the standard of caretaking on Seabrooke Rise, Grays. This is not, they stress, a criticism of individual caretakers, but the strategic management of the caretaking service.

During the Wednesday 26 February meeting of Full Council, Councillor Tony Fish listed a litany of faults associated with the service, culminating in the lack of weekend caretakers – this is STRATEGIC, and not the fault of individual caretakers.

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Cllr Fish called for a review of the service to make sure that it is “fair and equitable”. The Portfolio Holder refused.

Cllr Fish said: ‘Our residents on Seabrooke Rise are concerned about the level of service they receive. Whether it is un-mopped lobbies or no weekend coverage, they know that individual caretakers are trying their best, but are being let down by the strategic management of the service.

We want a fair and equitable service. With service charges being increased, residents have a right to know that they are receiving the standard of caretaking which they deserve.

We call on the Portfolio Holder to launch a thorough and resident-led review of the caretaking service.’


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