Thursday, June 1, 2023

South Ockendon community unites to protect green space

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Community unites to protect green space

RESIDENTS of Humber Avenue and Garron Lane braved the elements on Saturday to show their determination to save their green space.

“This is the centre of our community”, said local mother Debbie Smith; “Our children play here, families picnic here when the weather is good, and they’ve been doing it since wee we were children. Now the council wants to build on it!”

While the council continues to claim that its list of targets’ doesn’t mean we are going to build there’ residents told how they first knew something was up when a surveyor appeared to do a detailed survey of the green – followed shortly after by an official who told them their trees, subject of a Tree Preservation Order, were ‘diseased’.

“Look at these trees”, said Ms Smith, “Do they look diseased to you? They’ve survived the recent storms, now some council official wants to cut them down to put up ‘eco-houses’.

One resident of the flats above the Garron Lane shops, put the green in context. “If you’re bringing up children in a flat, you need safe space for them to play in. This green is our back garden”.


  1. I assume the residents are going to get an Independent Professionally Qualified Tree Surgeon to check on these trees, “All being diseased” seems highly unlikely and they certainly don’t look it.


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