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Forth Ports release video showing the vital role of ‘quay’ workers in providing essential goods

FORTH Ports, which includes the Port of Tilbury, have released a video showing how the ‘quay’ workers have been busy at work and going above and beyond to help provide the essential foods and medicines for us all.

Have a look at this video which shows the vital role of ports and maritime.

Watch the video by going to the following link here.

UK Major Ports responded to the video on Twitter saying: “Awesome film from our member Forth Ports showing the hard work at ports in keeping all of us supplied with essentials.

“The UKs ports have been working efficiently and tirelessly throughout this crisis. As an island nation we rely on them and they’ve stepped up!”

On Friday 1 May, YourThurrock reported on the Forth Ports boss giving praise to the ‘quay’ workers.

In March alone, the group’s eight ports handled 74,000 tonnes of wheat and 40,000 tonnes of food for supermarket shelves, including 8,500 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, 2.5 million packs of pasta and 2 million packs of rice.

The ports, which include Tilbury in London and Leith, also processed 2,700 tonnes of medical supplies, 27,000 tonnes of fertiliser and 50,000 tonnes of animal feed.

Charles Hammond, chief executive of Forth Ports said: “I am extremely proud and grateful to our hard-working teams across our ports.

“Our own ‘quay’ workers have adapted admirably to the necessary changes and restrictions in order for us ensure we work in a safe and protected environment.

“All of this enables us to handle the much-needed products for other front-line essential services, people and business across the UK.”


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