Saturday, December 2, 2023

Tip Toe Stage School staff send special message to their students and reveal plans for VE day

STAFF at Tip Toe Stage School in South Ockendon have sent out a special message to their students.

The stage school posted the following message on their Facebook page on Sunday (May 3).

“A little message from our teachers and assistant teachers to let you all know we are missing you very much and can’t wait to be back dancing with you.”

tip toe stage school

Tip Toe Stage School have also revealed plans their own plans commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe day on Friday (May 8th).

Tip Toe Stage School said: “Friday sees the celebration of 75years of VE Day! So, to celebrate we would love all our class students to wear Red, White and Blue to class, and, if you’re feeling arty, make your own VE Day flag to wave!

“Thanks guys, see you all in class. Have a great week.”

ve day tip toe

In other news relating to Tip Toe Stage School, YourThurrock on Monday 27 April brought you magical, moving tribute to the NHS


  1. You haven’t managed to see your students for a dance lesson but did manage to hold a garden party on Tuesday while in lockdown. Social distancing didn’t count that day and did you forget we can all see you from the flats.


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