Thursday, December 7, 2023

Covid-19: Death total stays at 51 for sixth day in a row, just two new cases confirmed

THE latest figures from Public Health England (released Friday 8) show that for the sixth day in a row the total number of confirmed coronavirus-related deaths in Thurrock has stayed the same.

The total stands at 51.

Meanwhile, in terms of confirmed cases of the virus in the last 24 hours, just two were confirmed – the total stands at 295.

At Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals Trust, the number of confirmed coronavirus-related deaths continues to stay on a downward trend, however two patients were sadly confirmed to have died in the latest figures.

This brings the total number of coronavirus-related deaths at the trust to 249.

Below are the statistics for the past month. It is clear there is evidence of a downward trend, at least at this stage. This gives some clear reason to be hopeful while still obviously remaining cautious.

April 8- 12 deaths

April 9- 11 deaths

April 10- 11 deaths

April 11- 8 deaths

April 12- 14 deaths

April 13- 11 deaths

April 14- 10 deaths

April 15- 10 deaths

April 20- 4 deaths

April 21- 3 deaths

April 22- 7 deaths

April 23- 1 death

April 24- 9 deaths

April 25 – 4 deaths

April 26 – 1 death

April 27 – 2 deaths

April 28 – 5 deaths

April 29 – 4 deaths

May 1 – 2 deaths

May 2 – 3 death

May 3 – 3 deaths

May 7 – 2 deaths

Understandably, many of our readers have asked why, when we report on the number of deaths at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital Trust, we have not reported on the number of people who have recovered.

That is a very fair question.

ITV’s Robert Peston asked the Department of Heath and Social Care. (DHSC) for an explanation.

Their response is below.

recovery rates

In the UK, a further 626 coronavirus-related deaths were confirmed in the last figures, meaning in total 31,241 people have been confirmed to have died with the virus.

YourThurrock’s thoughts are with all of those affected by the coronavirus.


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