Monday, June 5, 2023

Special ceremony blesses burial site ahead of Ramadan ending this month

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A PRIVATE blessing of a Muslim burial site in West Thurrock took place earlier today (Friday 22 May) as Thurrock Council prepares for Muslim burials to commence in the borough for the first time in the coming weeks.

Cllr Qaisar Abbas joined Cllr Terry Piccolo, The Mayor of Thurrock, and five faith leaders in blessing the land, with all attendees adhering to social distancing in line with government advice.

Cllr Abbas said: “We have been working with the council to introduce Muslim burials within Thurrock since the end of March, with this new service expected to commence in the near future. After raising the request with the council for a blessing only this week, within just a few days our services were able to successfully organise and host a special blessing at our West Thurrock burial site to prepare for this.

“I am delighted to have received such a swift and positive response to my request, meaning we were able to bless the land during the Ramadan period of fasting, prayer and reflection, which ends on Saturday 23 May. I would like to share my thanks to all our officers for their amazing work and support.”

Cllr Watkins, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “In response to Cllr Abbas’ request, we aim to commence Muslim burials in the near future and felt it entirely appropriate to support the bringing together of faith leaders to bless this land during the sacred Ramadan period.

“I would like to thank our many council services who have helped to co-ordinate this ceremony, and for their continued perseverance to provide outstanding services during these difficult times.”


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