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Thurrock Labour and local campaigners welcome Tory U-Turn on South Ockendon

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LAST night residents and Save Our Green spaces campaigners were celebrating after another u turn from the Tory Cabinet Member for Housing.

Cllr Johnson removed Derry Avenue, Humber Avenue and Garron Lane green spaces from planned housing development following a huge campaign, including multiple petitions and public meetings from residents and local Labour Councillors.

The list, which Cllr Johnson himself agreed which was then authorised by Cabinet, has been marred with controversy since it was published in February this year.

Ruth Clapham, lead petitioner and campaigner said “I’m delighted to see Cllr Johnson has climbed down from destroying our green spaces. Residents have fought really hard to make sure these plans were defeated and they’ve won.”

Cllr Lynn Worrall, Shadow Portfolio for Housing said “This housing development list is in tatters. Every time Cllr Johnson comes under a bit of pressure he removes a site.

This is no way to plan house building in Thurrock. Scaring residents that they’ll lose their houses and greens spaces, then scrapping his own plans and telling residents that it was he who saved them rather than admitting to proposing them in the first place is utterly disgraceful.”

“He has u turned on five sites since February. That’s nearly 200 houses of his 500 planned builds no longer going ahead. Cllr Johnson talks about an “ambitions housing plan” but nearly half of them are gone.

The sites he has removed will have to be replaced by alternatives. I’m scared where Cllr Johnson will suggest building next! Residents should keep a close eye on where he wants to put more houses – it could be next to you!”


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