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South Essex College student creates hold music for college

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A MUSIC student from South Essex College has created a piece of music to play when callers are on hold to the college’s phone number.

Tarik Lalami, 18 from Basildon studies Level 2 Music Performance at the college’s Southend Campus. He composed an uplifting and upbeat song for the telephone system.

Calls are answered as quickly as possible but there are times when call volumes are higher and people may have to be placed on hold. It was decided that it would be a nice idea to use a piece of work created by one of our students to use.

The project was set as a competition for Music students, with Tarik announced as the winner. He said: “I was constantly checking my emails, excited to see if I would win. Finding out my composition was chosen was the best thing! It’s crazy knowing that people will hear my creation when they call the college.”

Tarik has been studying at home for his Level 2 qualification during the lockdown with the college taking an online learning approach throughout the COVID-19 crisis. He said: “I am finding lockdown lessons can be a lot more productive being in my own space at home, having more time to get work done makes it a lot less stressful.

“Next year I plan to progress on to Level 3 Music at the college where I will have two more years to meet and mix with musicians, create plenty more songs and further my education. This will prepare me for my next big leap to university!”

Michael Webster, Music Coordinator at the college, said: “Real life client briefs are a great opportunity for our music students to experience working with new people, building connections, enhancing their communication skills and to show them the value of meeting deadlines.

“Tarik absolutely excelled in this task, delivering on point and on time. I’m very proud of this young man.”

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