Friday, April 12, 2024

Ashley Banjo Unveils 18CT Gold Peperami

THE popular brand Peperami have created the world’s most expensive Peperami, valued at £1500.

The item is a replica of the snack’s original wrapper and is made from 18ct yellow gold. The owner is able to insert a real peperami inside of the replica, which is placed on a chain, so that they can walk around with their Peperami.

The 295g necklace was developed with Engravers Guild of London and is available for fans to buy. There is also a smaller version for sale at the price of £75.00.

Celebrities such as Ashley Banjo and Perri Kiely are involved in Peperami’s #MeatTheBeat challenge that is running until the end of September. Banjo and others will initiate various challenges through social media, where fans can participate and tag Peperami for a chance of winning one of the novelty necklaces.


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