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How would you spend £25 million in Grays?

GRAYS Towns Board is asking residents to share their feedback, ideas and suggestions to help ensure the Town Fund Deal is the right deal for the people who live and work in Grays. is now live and gives local residents and businesses the opportunity to view and comment on projects that have been identified so far, and complete a short survey to directly engage in the process of securing up to £25million of funding next year.

Chair of Grays Towns Board and Director of Development at NewRiver REIT, Justin Thomas, said: “The board has worked closely with local residents, and the private and public sector to ensure the Grays Town Deal is a success.

“By accessing the website and completing the survey, residents are provided with another opportunity to help shape how our Town Deal will deliver jobs, infrastructure and regeneration that will truly benefit those who live and work in Grays for generations to come.”

Cllr Mark Coxshall, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Strategic Planning, said: “Grays is an important town centre with a key role in the borough’s economy and it is great that the government recognises the tremendous opportunities for investment and regeneration in Thurrock.

“It is really important that we collect feedback from residents and businesses in Grays to ensure that any emerging proposals are of maximum benefit to the borough and I encourage everyone to visit to share their thoughts.”

Grays is just one of 101 towns to be selected by the government to receive a share of the £3.6billion Towns Fund and has already received a fast-tracked payment of £750,000 to allow works to start.


  1. I sat with a committee to rejuvenate Grays town centre 20 plus years ago
    I suggested then to create a town square, where ?
    Think of the town and the people that used to use it,
    Speaking of a person who commited 28 years who was driven out by the changes!

  2. I will link the town centre to the area along the river( Grays beach), develope the area so that people can access the area and have bars, resturantes, shops, may be business & creative and leisure areas to attract people to work , walk and spend time not only day time but in the evening which will create business in the area and keep locals and visitors happy.

  3. I personally believe grays needs a dedicated skills and trade centre. As we say the youth are the future we need to have something for us to go and learn new skills. It could be carpentry, it could be music and a lot more.
    We need a sort of safe place we can socialise, do projects and just come together. But not only limited to youth but anyone who needs someone, or just wants to learn a new skill or trade. Access to this will equip people with skills and trade that can help them find work, make new friends and overall just be a good addition to society.


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