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Popular Gable Hall teacher retires after 45 years

A GABLE Hall teacher has retired after serving almost half a century as a member of staff… seeing almost 13,000 pupils go through the school.

Mike Cobb, 69 from Stafford Close, Linford, started at the secondary school as a science teacher in 1975, after attending Cambridge University for his post-graduate degree.

He retires after 45 years at the school, and has watched three generations of students go through Gable Hall.

Being a well-known member of staff in the community for decades has meant Mike has seen generations of Gable Hall students flood the halls.

Mr Cobb said: “Many senior members of staff at the school now were past pupils of mine. Many of the children at the school now are grandchildren of my very first students and I am so proud of what they have achieved.”

One of his most treasured memories as a staff member was working on the farms at Gable Hall and assisting in the farming clubs.

He added: “I’m glad I got involved with the farm, there has been one at the school since the 1960s. I took many subjects in the science department and one of my favourites was then called Rural Studies, which became Agricultural Science.

“These went along nicely with the clubs that I’ve been involved in for decades. It is good to see that successive leaders of the school have seen the value of maintaining the farm, and I am glad that the farm has a new stockman and will continue to thrive after my retirement.”

After working in the Science department for 30 years, he took up voluntary roles on the school’s farm until he returned to a part-time position as stockman.


  1. I was a pupil until 1976 when mr empsil was head, I remember a “hippie “ with attitude! Thanks “sir”

  2. I was a pupil from 1992-1997 Mr Cobb was the crazy science teacher that always had the detached classroom back then, I remember him lighting up fairy liquid with some gas creating the bubbles so you really was amazed and stimulated with what was being taught

    Wonderful man great teacher great days

    Thank you

  3. I was a student of me Cobb around 1983 he had a demountable class room and use to drive a ford fiesta xr2 he had a very short fuse that I tested on many occasion one time I went into class with the girls with a long girls wig on I thought is head was going to explode every one thought it was funny apart from him he was a good teacher an bit of a hippie I think he had a scare on his neck the beard covered it up as you can see in the pics he hasn’t changed much just got grey cool memories


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