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Gable Hall crisp packet donation to help keep homeless warm

CHILDREN at a Corringham school have collected 1,000 empty crisp packets in an extraordinary festive effort to help the homeless.

The bags, gathered by youngsters at Ortu Gable Hall over the past month, have now been washed, cleaned and donated to The Iron Man, a UK-based ironing company. The firm will now iron the foil packets and create clean blankets ready to dispatch to the homeless.

The Iron Man, whose Facebook page has almost 25,000 followers, has been asking for local collection points to keep their supplies of the empty snack packets high, and children at Ortu Gable Hall have more than done their bit.

Karina Latham, Trust Lead Practitioner for the Performing Arts said: “Recycling is really important to me, and a really important lesson for our students.

“When I heard it takes about 80 years for one crisp packet to biodegrade, and that there was such a simple way to upcycle them into something which could do somebody a good turn, it was a simple decision to take on the project.

“Our students have done us really proud, donating and helping wash almost 1,000 packets over the last couple of weeks. I heard a rumour this morning that our year 9s have a huge batch I’ve not even collected yet!”

The Iron Man has been asking for more and more packets ahead of the weather turning frosty. It takes about 150 pieces to make a blanket, and not just any blanket, but one which can help keep somebody dry and insulated.

Ceri Evans, headteacher at Gable Hall, said: “The way our students continually support projects which help our neighbours, our community and even those who are out of sight is very heart-warming.

“I share Miss Latham’s desire to create a foundation of understanding of the dangers of single use plastic on our environment and am pleased to support a bigger feature of recycling education throughout all classes and across curriculums next year.

“My thanks go to all those involved in donating, washing and organising the project. Well done!”


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