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Grays detective given final warning at tribunal

A GRAYS DETECTIVE who saved confidential police data on his personal electronic devices has been found to have committed misconduct.

Between January 2016 and January 2019, Detective Sergeant Grezgorz Jurkiewicz sent confidential case files and documents to his personal email address. He stored some Essex Police files and documents on his personal electronic devices, and was also found to have kept Essex Police documents at his home address and in his car.

The data and documents were recovered and we do not believe there was any further dissemination of the information held by DS Jurkiewicz. 
In defence, he stated this was due to his large workload, and he would often work on cases at home after a shift or on his rest days and needed access to materials. 

A misconduct panel, led by legally qualified chair Mr Trevor Jones, was held virtually over two days, starting on Monday 15 February.

The panel also heard that DS Jurkiewicz used the Police National Computer to check the details of the registered keeper of a vehicle parked near his home address, and thereafter sent that information in a personal email to an insurance company, referencing his occupation as a police officer in the correspondence.   

After hearing two days of submissions, the panel found that he had breached the standards of Confidentiality and of Orders and Instructions. 
He was given a final written warning.

Deputy Chief Constable Pippa Mills said: “Everyone at Essex Police is taught the importance of classified information and we work inside the national protocol for keeping personal data safe and secure.

“DS Jurkiewicz’s actions were not acceptable and he has been given a final written warning as a result.”


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