Long Covid: MPs call for compensation for key workers

BORIS Johnson is facing fresh calls to compensate key workers suffering from “long Covid” reports the BBC.

A total of 65 MPs and peers have signed a letter to the PM, asking for it to be recognised as an occupational disease.

Layla Moran, who chairs a committee of MPs looking into coronavirus, said the government should not abandon “the true heroes of the pandemic”.

A Department of Health spokesman said it was important employers “make full use” of existing support for staff.

Long Covid presents as a range of different symptoms suffered by people weeks or months after being infected with the virus – some of whom weren’t seriously ill when they had it.

According to the British Medical Journal, it is thought to occur in approximately 10% of people infected – but that number only represents those who have been tested, meaning some who caught the virus in the early stages of the pandemic will be missing from the figures.

On Thursday, the government announced an £18.5m investment into four studies to better understand the longer term effects of Covid on physical and mental health, and how to tackle it.

The full article can be found below.


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