Monday, March 4, 2024

NHS hearing aid support for Thurrock residents

HEARING Help Essex, a Chelmsford based not-for-profit charity, is delivering its essential NHS hearing aid support to residents of Thurrock who have hearing loss.

The charity is working hard throughout lockdown in making provision to provide its services in a safe and socially distanced environment for those who need to access help and who have acquired hearing loss and wear NHS Hearing aids.

NHS Hearing Aid Support, the cleaning and re-tubing of hearing aids, Information, Advice, and Guidance services is offered to those seeking vital assistance. Anyone new to hearing loss, who may perhaps be feeling isolated will also derive benefit from talking to the friendly Hearing Help Essex team. Visits to the Resource Centre in Chelmsford can be made. Appointments must be booked in advance and are available Monday-Friday, between 10am and 3.00pm. Other ways to reach out are via email, web-chat, or text message for anyone not being able to personally attend the Resource Centre.

Todorina Hammond, Interim CEO, Hearing Help Essex comments:
“We are delighted to be in a position to help Thurrock residents with hearing loss and look forward to supporting as many people as we can. It’s important for hearing aid users to have their Hearing aids re-tubed and cleaned every 4-6 months to ensure best efficiency”.

The organisation is committed to helping people that remain shielding or are housebound, or those with reduced mobility and can also provide a doorstep service.

All visits to the Resource Centre and doorstop service are by appointment only. If people have an urgent issue with their NHS Hearing Aid/s, they should contact their nearest NHS Audiology Department for advice.

Government social distancing guidelines are applied to all pre-arranged appointment visits, with the right safety procedures in place and will be shared in writing prior to attendance.

To make an appointment: Tel: 01245 496347
or Email: or Text 07950 406173



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