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Grays: Five stone weight loss improves lifestyle for 71-year-old Teg during Covid-19 pandemic

FIVE stone weight loss improves lifestyle for 71-year-old Teg during Covid-19 pandemic

Teg Roberts, aged 71 from Grays, had undertaken knee replacement surgery and had a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 when she was referred to the free MoreLife programme by her physiotherapist in October 2018.

At this time Teg was apprehensive that the programme might be intimidating and was concerned that the lifestyle changes could be overwhelming considering her age, but what she discovered was the opposite.

Attending weekly face-to-face group sessions at her local community centre, Teg was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the programme and variation in topics covered by specialist MoreLife practitioners, from eating habits to mindfulness, sleeping habits to nutrition – each session providing new knowledge and tools to take better care of her health.

During the 12-month programme Teg was inspired by both the practitioners and friends she made in the group, measuring calorie intake and feel more in control of her weight. Over the year long programme Teg successfully lost over five stone and dropped within the healthy range to a BMI of 23.

Teg, said: “Some people mentioned that when you get older it is harder to lose weight, but you are never too old to learn, and the MoreLife programme has helped re-educate me with knowledge of how I can better look after my weight.”

“After losing the weight I feel so much more mobile, I’m able to play with the kids, I don’t want to go back to the way I was. That has been the secret to the journey, the team have helped me see this more as a way of living a healthier life, rather than viewing it as a diet.”

Catching up with Teg during the Covid-19 pandemic, she mentioned how her new outlook on how to keep healthy has helped her rise to the challenge of the lockdown, also supporting her husband to lose one and a half stone.

Teg added “It has been a little harder for my husband and I to maintain the weight loss during the lockdown, but we’ve used the knowledge gained on the course to keep motivated and continue to monitor our calories – mixed with a little bit of gardening which we both love.

“I am ever so grateful to the MoreLife team for what they have done for me and would recommend them to anyone who is worried about their weight during these challenging times.”

MoreLife’s adult weight management programmes are completely free and are based on world renowned Obesity research from partners at Leeds Beckett University.

Professor Paul Gately, CEO of MoreLife said: “Teg is a fantastic example that you are never too old to make lifestyle changes to improve your health. She has not only lost a significant amount of weight during a challenging period but has also influenced friends and family along the way. We hope that her story will bring encouragement for more individuals to come forward and take control of their health.”

If you or a family member is based in South or West Essex, has a BMI of 35+ and are concerned about weight, ask your GP for MoreLife or self-refer at


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