Monday, February 26, 2024

Ward by Ward: Stanford East and Corringham Town


Jack Duffin (Cons)

Val Morris Cook (Lab)

Gbenga Olujugbagbe (Thurrock Independent)

THIS has always been a fascinating war. It has bounced around different parties for years. It had solid Labour councillors such as Gordon Gambier and one term wonders such as Richard Speight.

The last time it was up, it was won by a Thurrock Independent, Shane Ralph. Disappointingly, he then went over to the Conservatives instead of developing the Thurrock Independent cause.

Speaking of which, the Tory candidate is Jack Duffin. Former UKIP, former Thurrock Independent and now a Conservative.

We think that of all the politicians that came out of the UKIP years, Jack was and is the most capable. He may well have joined the Tories because he just wants to stay involved.

Val Morris-Cook is on the comeback trail, having left politics for a few years. A former deputy leader, Val was one of the most capable councillors Thurrock had. She would have made a great MP.

Val brought not so much a business acumen but a logistics skillset. Thurrock Council, whatever hue, desperately needs problem solvers not problem givers.

Val may well have the Brexit plus Vaccine bounce against her. Labour candidates may well discuss A13 and billion pound loans until there blue in the face, at the moment the Tories are getting a big big pass.

YT Prediction: Cons Gain (think we got that right as it was UKIP in 2016-


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