Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Ward by Ward: The Homesteads: Fox may have Gary running

IN many ways, the Conservative candidate for The Homesteads seems to encapsulate the image of the Tory run Thurrock Council.

A little bit angry, a bit tetchy, a little bit unhappy. You’re not entirely sure why they are in local politics but at the same time, and to be fair, week in and week out, over five years, he has been involved. For four of the years, attending council and committees and then remotely. And that has never to be underestimated.

We are sure many of the Tories would say, that if they wanted to be popular, they would volunteer at a petting zoo.

The Homesteads does seen to be the home of the sullen at best angry at most, man. This is where the Thurrock Independents come in and this is where Gary Byrne and his team deserve credit for keeping the flame alive.

Gary won this seat in 2019 with his brand of local campaigning and directness. The candidate is John Fox who has an enviable track record of being involved in the local community. In fact, John is the embodiment of the type of candidate one hoped would emerge in the Thurrock Independents.

Like other seats, the Brexit/Vaccine/Boris bounce may do for him but we do hope, he has another go.

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