Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Chadwell St Mary councillors delighted as planning bid in Lytton Road withdrawn

TWO Chadwell St Mary councillors have said they are delighted after a planning application in their ward has been withdrawn.

Thurrock Labour Councillors Cllr Sara Muldowney and Cllr Daniel Chukwu had been outspoken against plans for 140 new dwellings on the land west of Lytton Road, Riverview, Chadwell St Mary.

Cllr Muldowney said: “We did it! The developers who wanted to build 140 homes on the field next to Lytton Road have withdrawn their application.

Cllr Daniel Friday Chukwu and I first raised our objections to this development last April along with other concerned Chadwell residents. More recently we have both worked alongside local residents to raise a petition against this development. Well done to lead petitioner, Ashleigh Ashleigh and all the nearly 300 other local residents who signed the petition. With your help we have stopped this development on Chadwell’s Green Belt!This is a big win for Chadwell residents!

Last week, the councillors detailed their objections. They said:

“We objected to this development on green belt land back in April 2020 when it was first proposed and nothing we have heard since has changed our minds.”

We 100% agree with resident’s objections to the loss of this green space which creates an important buffer between residential areas in Chadwell St Mary and the A1089. It has been used as a pasture for many years, where horses grazed, and has acted as a green oasis between the wards of Chadwell St Mary and Little Thurrock. 

We also wholeheartedly support the concerns of those who worry about the impact of this development on Chadwell’s already strained road infrastructure, including the council’s own Highways department who have highlighted the potential impact on the Cross Keys Junction from this development.

Cllr Sara Muldowney said:

“Anyone who lives in Chadwell knows how difficult it is to get an appointment to see a doctor at the best of times, waiting for hours on the phone to get through, only to find that there are no appointments available. Our GPs surgeries cannot cope with existing demands, let alone adding another 140 homes into the mix. The same goes for our schools and the current pressure on school places which has seen many parents unable to get their children into their preferred school.

This week I have been listening to residents’ concerns and will be submitting a statement objecting to this development on behalf of local residents to the council’s Planning Committee who are due to decide on this application next Thursday 10th June.

I am keen to hear the views of local residents, so if anyone wants to add to our objections, can they email me at smuldowney@thurrock.gov.uk before Tuesday 8th June.”


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