Sunday, December 3, 2023

Deputy Mayor visits Ortu Corringham Pre-school

CLLR James Halden paid an exciting visit to Ortu Corringham Pre-School to see its new £1million building last Thursday, which doubled their student intake.

The Deputy Mayor was one of the key drivers for commissioning and supporting the pre-school in their success, along with the Local Authority, so was very excited to attend a guided tour last week with the headteacher and Trust CEO.

During the visit, headteacher of Ortu Corringham Primary School, Lee Porter, and Deputy Head, Karina Garrick, gave Cllr Halden a socially distanced tour of the school, joined by Ortu CEO, Sophina Asong. He was taken around the outside of the school where they discussed their vision and future plans for the pre-school.

The Deputy Mayor was extremely impressed by the school’s investment into the children’s physical and mental wellbeing particularly school’s daily mile track which was installed over May half term to encourage the pupil’s physical activity along with hiring a child psychotherapist to support the children’s mental health and wellbeing.

On their tour, Deputy Mayor, Cllr James Halden was full of praise saying: “I’m so pleased to hear the successes of the special needs resource unit (SLEP) which supports the Ortu Corringham Pre-School students who have speech or language difficulties. This is a fantastic example of resources being used wisely, the investment has doubled the intake at a wonderful setting.”

Whilst meeting some of the pre-school students in the outside activity areas, the Deputy Mayor also congratulated the school for the huge influx of new pupils subscribing to Ortu Corringham Primary School. This year, 68% of the pre-school’s student will be joining the primary school in their reception class.

Lee Porter, Headteacher of Ortu Corringham Primary School, said: “We feel so honoured Cllr Halden chose us to visit first following his inauguration into office as life returns to normal post-lockdown.”

“Knowing that he understands and supports the mission we as a school are on to ensure pupils can be the best that they can be is empowering.”

There are now limited spaces left for the September 2021 class at Ortu Corringham Pre-School. To book a tour or enquire about a space, please contact the school on 01375 672157.


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