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Fastest charge! Morrisons to expand largest network of ultra-fast electric car charging points

MORRISONS is expanding the UK’s largest supermarket network of ‘next generation’ rapid electric charging points for electric vehicles, allowing customers to charge the majority of cars from flat to full battery in under 45 minutes. 

Over the next twelve months Morrisons will add an additional 100 rapid chargers to its network. Having recently installed its 200th GeniePoint rapid charge point, Morrisons has also saved 2,000 tonnes of carbon along the way.  The network now provides full coverage in both England and Wales, spanning from Redruth in the tip of Cornwall to Amble in the North East of England. A roll out in Scotland will begin this month.  

Morrisons ‘next generation’ rapid chargers can charge an electric car up to six times quicker than standard charging points used by other supermarkets. They will enable customers to charge their car up even during a short shopping trip or a quick visit to a Morrisons Cafe. A typical 30-40  minute charge will give drivers up to 100 miles of travel range. Over the course of the summer, Morrisons is expecting to serve over half a million kilowatt hours of green energy,  as more families travel during their summer holidays in the UK.

Morrisons partnership with EQUANS means that customers will never be more than 50 miles from a rapid charger. The GeniePoint charging points have been located around the perimeter of Morrisons car parks to ensure they are available to those who need them and not obstructed by other customers.

Andrew Ball, Fuel & Services Manager of Morrisons, said: “We know customers don’t want to spend hours waiting for their cars to charge, which is why we’ve made the decision to install the next generation of rapid chargers. It’s important that we continue to offer our customers the convenience of charging their EVs as they shop or eat with us. This summer, whether they’re hitting the coast or visiting the beautiful countryside, customers can take comfort in knowing they are always close to one of our charging points.”

All of the electricity used for charging will come from zero-carbon energy sources like wind and solar.

Recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that there are more than   450,000 EVs on UK roads, of which approximately 50% are battery operated vehicles*. Demand for reliable, rapid electric vehicle charging facilities is growing and drivers want to see chargers situated at convenient locations where their vehicles can be charged whilst they carry on with their day-to-day activities.

Morrisons customers can register to use the GeniePoint chargers via the web app, which is free to join. There is no monthly fee and drivers only pay for the electricity they use which costs 35-39p per kW hour. Customers can also pay for a charge via the GeniePoint App, available from the App Store or Google Play, or by RFID card.


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