Saturday, December 2, 2023

Grays councillor shines light on broken lampposts

A GRAYS councillor and Seabrooke Rise resident have uncovered over 60 lights in need of repair on the Seabrooke Rise estate. Following complaints from residents about the declining quality of the lighting, Cllr Martin Kerin and Mr Ian Zanders conducted an audit, walking the estate at night, to catalogue the lights and assess how bad the situation is.

Speaking after the walk, Mr Zanders said:

“I knew that the situation was bad, but I never expected it to be quite this bad.

“The problem has been getting progressively worse for some time now, and it is about time that something is done about it!”

Cllr Kerin said:

“Following numerous complaints from Seabrooke Rise residents, I decided to see for myself and audit how bad the situation is at night time. I am shocked that I have had to report over 60 lights in need of repair to council officers.

“Local residents deserve so much better than this. It is time for the council act quickly to get this problem resolved before it gets any worse.”


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