Saturday, December 2, 2023

Wall surrounding Stanford-le-Hope home could be torn down

A HOMEOWNER may have to knock down a 6ft high wall around his home in Stanford-le-Hope report the Local Democracy Reporter.

The wall around Falconhurst in Second Avenue has been the subject of complaints by neighbours

Residents fear the wall is “too high and causes visual problems” is not built according to plans and is “detrimental to highway safety. An application was submitted to the council following the complaints.

The original 3ft wall around the detached home has been demolished. The application shows metal railings to the front wall but these have not been installed. Instead a solid brick wall has been constructed.

In their report, planning officers who are recommending refusal of the application, said: “The development of the wall has already partially been carried out and the application is in part retrospective.

It should be noted that a brick and breeze block wall has been erected on the majority of the frontage of the property to Second Avenue, whereas the plans show that a wall with railings is proposed on this frontage.”

They added: “Whilst it is accepted that the site owner would want some form of boundary treatment at the property, matters such as privacy and amenity, particularly for front gardens, can be achieved with soft landscaping.

“The open aspect of this corner and the surrounding street scene has been lost via the walls that have been erected and would also be lost by virtue of the walls and railings that are proposed. The solid brick wall that has been built, together with the walls and railings that are proposed to be built, would appear overly dominant and incongruous in the street scene and have a significant adverse impact upon the character of the area.”

The application was called into the planning committee by several councillors.

As the development has already taken place, and the application that has been submitted following enforcement investigations is recommended for refusal, if this application is refused, enforcement action – in the form of an enforcement notice – would be taken immediately.

The committee will meet on Thursday.


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