Thursday, December 7, 2023

Grays councillors nominate Kilverts Field for Green Status

WITH the opening of Thurrock Council’s consultation for local green spaces, Councillors Kerin, Pothecary and Fish have pressed the case for Kilverts Field to be given ‘Green Space Designation.’

In a joint statement given after nominating Kilverts Field, the three Grays Riverside councillors said:

“We are pleased that we have ‘placed a pin’ on the map and nominated Kilverts Field for ‘Green Space Designation.’ This piece of land is a precious jewel in a very densely built-up part of our ward. It provides a ‘green link’ between the river front, and the Seabrooke Rise neighbourhood.

“Representing a densely urban ward such as ours, we are very aware of the need to protect what little precious green space we have. Kilverts Field is a prime example of a green space deserving to be recognised as ‘Designated Green Space.’

“The consultation runs until Sunday 6 March 2022. We urge our residents to take part and nominate Kilverts Field”


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