Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Dog health: Don’t buy a bulldog until breed is reshaped, vets plead

THE flat faces bred into bulldogs can cause a “lifetime of suffering” and vets are urging people not to buy one reports the BBC.

The bulldog has twice the health risks of other dogs, a study has found.

Urgent action is needed to reshape the breed and stop the UK joining the list of countries where the dog is banned, say Royal Veterinary College experts.

They want people to stop buying English bulldogs and two other popular breeds – the French bulldog and the pug – until breeding issues are addressed.

They’re also calling on the public to stop “promoting” the dog on social media by posting and liking pictures.

The bulldog has soared in popularity over the past decade.

The breed, also known as the English or British bulldog, earned comparisons with Winston Churchill for its jowly face, and was historically seen as a symbol of courage and endurance.

A fashion for ever more extreme features, such as a flat face, wrinkled skin and squat body, has made the breed prone to health complaints, raising welfare concerns.

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