Friday, June 21, 2024

Labour slam Thurrock Council as new chamber still not ready to use

TWO weeks ago, Thurrock Council was boasting of how it was opening it’s “impressive new building” and how the building includes “new Council chamber which has been meticulously designed to stand for generations.”

Just two weeks later we learn that the “meticulously designed” new council chamber still isn’t able to be used for it’s primary function – to host a council meeting – as next week’s council meeting will, again, be held in two committee rooms.

Thurrock Labour Leader, John Kent, said;

“Along with most residents, Thurrock Labour was against building the new council offices. In our view they are an unnecessary,
and unwanted extravagance.

“But, having built it you would, at least, expect to be able to use it!

“I still haven’t seen the new council chamber for myself – my requests to view it have been repeatedly refused – but, every councillor I have spoken to that has actually been into the new chamber, says the same thing. It’s too small, it doesn’t work, you can’t fit 49 councillors – let alone officers and the public – into the space available.

“From what I have been told, they should consider converting the newly opened committee rooms one and two into the council chamber and use the chamber as a committee room.

“It’s time that Thurrock Tories came clean. If their expensive “meticulously designed” new chamber is fit for purpose, then open the doors and let us see it.

If it doesn’t work hold your hands up, admit it and tells how you are going to put it right.”


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