Saturday, September 30, 2023

Chadwell Councillors call on residents to help save dying trees

TODAY, Chadwell Councillors have urged residents to help them save trees dying from lack of water on Orsett Heath. 

Following a period of hot weather, Labour Councillors Daniel Chukwu and Sara Muldowney are calling on local residents to take action to save the dying trees on Orsett Heath.

Cllr Chukwu said: “It has been wonderful to see so many new trees planted around the ward and on Orsett Heath.”

“Unfortunately due to the spell of hot weather these trees have started to die from lack of water. The leaves are literally being burnt on the trees.”

“We have spoken to the Tree Officer who assures us that the tree team are out all week, every week, watering the new trees and have another team joining them next week. 

“Unfortunately, due to ongoing cuts, it seems that the council does not have the capacity to keep these trees watered and healthy.”

“We are therefore calling upon local residents who use the Heath to help us keep the trees watered during the hot summer months.”

Cllr Muldowney said: “For anyone worried about water bills, washing up water and bath water can be used, but not dishwater water, and please take care near roads.”

“At the base of each tree is a pipe. If you use this, the water will go directly to the roots of the tree.”

Cllr Muldowney and Cllr Chukwu were joined by local resident Rob Lay who has volunteered to help water the trees.

He said: “It’s too big a job for one person to take on, but if everyone who uses the Heath brought a container of water with them to water the trees when they visit, that would make a lot of difference. Even an old milk container full of water could make a difference.” 


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