Thursday, September 28, 2023

‘Jet Patching’ scheme to speedily improve Thurrock’s roads this summer

CONSERVATIVE-run Thurrock Council has a good record for pothole repairs and road resurfacing compared to other Essex local authorities and for the next two months the Council’s Velocity ‘Jet Patching’ Programme will blitz the whole Borough as part of our commitment to ‘Clean it, Cut it, Fill it’.

This scheme, which has proven popular in the past, requires teams to go out across the Borough and provide quick but long lasting repairs to roads that are not easily reached during the general operations of the Council’s Highways department. It will see an extensive number of repairs made over the summer whilst the roads are not continuing to crack and deplete as we often see during the winter months. 

Cllr Allen Mayes has been a strong advocate in favour of the scheme and pushed hard for areas in his Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park ward to be included. He said: “It is great to see the Council rolling out this programme for another year. It really makes a difference for residents’ safety and local pride to see our roads in top condition. Tilbury residents should be made aware that Dunlop Road, Fairfax Road, Leicester Road, Russel Road, Church Road and Moore Avenue have all been included and will be targeted over the coming weeks. I’ll keep residents updated on the repairs as they happen across our ward.” 

Cllr Ben Maney (Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport), said: “The Velocity Jet Patching Programme has proven a great success every year it has been implemented and I’m glad that it allows the Council to give extra attention to some of the worst affected parts of our Borough like Tilbury. This is just another example of how Conservatives in Thurrock listen to residents and focus on getting those day to day basics right for our communities. If there are potholes that you’ve noticed when you are out and about, please make sure you contact your local Conservative councillors so our hardworking Highways teams can be made aware.” 


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