Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Opening of new council building boycotted by Labour

COUNCILLOR John Kent, Leader of the Labour Group on Thurrock Council has dubbed a “clown circus” a parade by the Mayor and members of the ruling Conservative Group to celebrate the opening of the new council chamber, and confirmed Labour Councillors will be boycotting the event.

Councillor Kent said:

“You just couldn’t make this stuff up!

“For Tory councillors to think for a second that it would be right to hold a parade to celebrate the opening of a new council chamber nobody wanted, that cost taxpayers millions of pounds we didn’t have and basically is unfit for its purpose, further demonstrates just how out of touch with they are.

“The thought of the Mayor leading a parade of his Conservative colleagues who have collectively trashed the council finances and, despite years of warnings, put hundreds of million pounds at risk, is sickening”.

“There’s nothing to celebrate here, that’s why the Labour Group wants no part of this clown circus”.



  1. I fully support Cll Kents and labour’s decision on this. Its difficult to understand the mentality of the serving council and the mayor at this time.. the feeling of the residents of Thurruck are beneath them and we are being treated with contempt and disdain.

  2. Well done John Kent . The whole idea of a unneeded building while the roads are a disgrace,and we have a USED theatre falling apart just don’t make sense. Didn’t someone year’s ago fiddle while Rome burnt?


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