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Lakeside’s Festive Fairy to Surprise Shoppers with Prizes

Lakeside’s Festive Fairy to Surprise Shoppers with Prizes

Christmas story read by Ashley Banjo to help spread hope and happiness.

LAKESIDE Shopping Centre has revealed its heart-warming festive story called “The Christmas Fairy Tale of Hope and Happiness.”

Fronted by celebrity personality Ashley Banjo, the short video narrative takes on the true meaning of Christmas and the spirit of giving in a time of adversity and uncertainty. The reflection on today’s society and living circumstances is portrayed through a little girl called Ellie whose mum is working every hour to make ends meet.

Realising her mummy needs help, Ellie uses her imagination to call upon a magical fairy called Lilibet, a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, who was affectionately nicknamed Lilibet as a child. Over the lead up to Christmas, Lilibet spreads joy, happiness and hope to all.

To view the video visit (live from 10am)

In true magical Christmas style, Lakeside has brought Lilibet to life. She will visit the shopping centre from now until Christmas Eve handing out gifts to customers to make them smile. From a Nando’s hamper to a LUSH pamper set, Vue Cinema tickets to Thérapie vouchers, Lilibet will suddenly appear to hand out gifts and surprises of all shapes and sizes. There are thousands of pounds worth of gifts to be enjoyed and even when Lilibet is busy, her team of helpers will be in the centre to give away gifts, vouchers and tokens.

“This Christmas is going to be particularly challenging for many families, so we wanted to create something magical that would make our Lakeside customers smile.” said Marketing Manager at Lakeside Shopping Centre, Susan Williamson. “The aim of our acts of kindness, giving and selflessness hope to inspire others to do so, creating a positive ripple effect across our region over Christmas.

“Ashley captures the story perfectly. He brings the characters to life and helps deliver the magic of imagination and the festive spirit. Visitors to Lakeside will now see Lilibet and her helpers appear and grant people’s wishes all the way up to Christmas Eve.”

On Christmas Eve, when all is done and the centre closes its doors, Lakeside will release the final end of the video with a special message from Ashley.

The Christmas Fairy of Hope and Happiness synopsis.

The one-and-a-half-minute video features Ashley Banjo on a sofa reading to four children within a traditional Christmas scene, including a crackling fire, Christmas tree and presents. Intently listening to every word, the children are encouraged to wiggle their toes, jiggle their nose and say in their head three times ‘the magic of fairies is the magic in me’. At this point, a ‘real-life’ fairy appears in Lakeside and reads a jingle.

Special thanks go to Baddow Park for allowing access to their venue and to Confetti and Lace in Lakeside Shopping Centre who kindly donated Lilibet’s green fairy dress.

For more information on the shopping centre and what’s on, visit


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