Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Financial crisis: Thurrock Labour boss points finger at remaining Tories

THE LEADER of Thurrock Labour has responded to the latest report that reveals the terrible financial plight of Tory-run Thurrock Council.

Cllr John Kent said: “This report lays bare the culmination of six years of Conservative leadership of Thurrock Council.

Thurrock Conservative’s disastrous financial mismanagement has led to debts of £1.5 billion, an in year funding gap of £469 million, failing services and having to go cap in hand to the government for a bail out while they declare bankruptcy.

It is clear there has been a total lack of robustness in the council’s internal processes and it’s Thurrock residents that will be paying the price for the Conservative’s catastrophic handling of the council’s affairs for decades to come.

Just what were those Conservative councillors who make up the council’s cabinet doing? Are we really expected to believe they didn’t notice what was going on under their very noses? 

The Tory cabinet are absolutely complicit in this scandal and with every new revelation their position becomes even more indefensible.”


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