Friday, June 14, 2024

Tilbury Pioneer Academy delighted with Ofsted report

TILBURY Pioneer Academy, part of the Gateway Learning Community Trust [GLC], has been graded by Ofsted as ‘good’ in every category in its recently published inspection report.

The inspection team spent 2 days in the school talking to staff, pupils and parents as well as observing lessons and the day-to-day running of the school. Inspectors concluded that: ‘Tilbury Pioneer Academy continues to be a good school. Leaders maintain high ambitions for pupils’ learning, teachers use detailed plans to arrange engaging activities, this leads to pupils who are attentive and ambitious. Pupils are kind and supportive of each other and they know and understand the core values. Inspectors noted that: ‘in line with the value ‘aspiration’ pupils proudly ‘rise and shine’ in lessons where they stand and share an answer or idea.’

A delighted Clare Hall, the school’s Head Teacher, commented that Tilbury Pioneer Academy has always prided itself on being a happy and safe school with a strong learning focus that is driven by an ambitious and committed team. Mrs Hall was pleased that this was recognised by inspectors who, when explaining ‘what it is like to attend this school’: stated ‘respectful routines mean many pupils listen and learn form their teacher and peers. They link current learning to previous learning. This helps them to remember more over time.’

The ’all different: all equal’ philosophy [All Different: All Equal: Together, Improving Upon Our Best is the GLC’s mantra] was further endorsed with inspectors commenting that: ‘leaders are proud of their provision for pupils’ wider development.’ This ensures that: ‘Pupils respect differences among people, learning that everyone deserves kindness.’

Lynda Pritchard, Chair of Governors said: ‘My congratulations to the whole team at Tilbury Pioneer Academy who do amazing work to educate our future generation and provide opportunities to broaden pupils’ horizons through extra-curricular clubs, trips and competitions. I am particularly proud of how the school works in partnership with parents and other organisations to ensure all pupils’ needs are met.’

Peter Ward, Director / Governor of the GLC Board said: ‘This is a great achievement and I want to recognise the hard work of the GLC. I also believe it is very important to have local business getting involved with schools as it can make a real difference. My own business, The Port of Tilbury, has many staff volunteers who want to play their part in shaping the lives of young people.’

Viki Reid, the GLC’s Chief Executive Officer said, ‘I couldn’t be more pleased that the incredible hard work of everyone at the school has been recognised in such a positive way by Ofsted’. Mrs Reid went on to say that whilst each of the five schools in the GLC is judged to be good by Ofsted, ‘we continue to improve upon our best in every GLC school; not resting until each is outstanding’.


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