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Tory councillor warns London’s low emission zones will have a devastating impact on thousands of Thurrock residents.

COUNCILLORS have warned an extension to London’s low emission zones will have a devastating impact on thousands of Thurrock residents.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is set to extend Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) to greater London areas bordering Thurrock. Drivers using the zones incur a fee for driving the most polluting vehicles.

Andrew Jeffries presented a motion to Thurrock Council on Wednesday, calling on the council to condemn the plans which could see residents paying £60 a week to work outside the borough.

Mr Jeffries, Conservative councillor for Ockendon, said: “The motion speaks very clearly for the people of Thurrock who will be adversely affected by the Labour Mayor of London’s plans to expand ULEZ across Greater London in the summer. This change will affect thousands of Londoners who use their cars each day.

“More concerning, the daily charge of £12.50 will also affect thousands of Thurrock residents who use their cars to travel into the zone each day. Residents travelling to work, to visit friends, those wanting to use Belhus Country Park for exercise and sadly those wishing to travel just up the road to pay their respects or lay to rest their loved ones at at the crematorium in Upminister.”

Mr Jeffries added: “I call upon the mayor of London to cancel his ULEZ expansion. It’s regressive, it’s unfair and a waste of money.”

Rob Gledhill, Conservative councillor for Little Thurrock Rectory, said: “There are an awful lot of people who live on the outskirts of London some of them a couple of hundred metres away from Thurrock who work in Thurrock, supply support in Thurrock irrespective of whether it’s council officers, or care workers or those working at local hospitals and other institutions. They will be hit by this and then they need to make a choice.

Do they continue to work in Thurrock or earn more inside London to cover this daily charge that they will be hit with?”

John Kent, leader of the Labour Group tabled an amendment to the motion calling on the council to note the mayor’s plans but work with his office to mitigate the impact on Thurrock residents. This was rejected by councillors who heard many attempts had been made to contract the mayor’s office.
The motion was carried 29 to 13.


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