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Health bosses decision provides equal access to healthcare services across Thurrock

RESIDENTS across mid and south Essex will benefit from more equitable access to six health services regardless of which area they live following a decision by the Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB) to harmonise services across the five previously separate clinical commissioning group (CCG) areas.

In July 2022, a change in the law created a new organisation, NHS Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board to take over local healthcare planning from the five former clinical commissioning groups serving the area. Previously there were differences in access for local people between the five CCGs within mid and south Essex affecting six services.

Following the decision by the ICB board on 9 February, local people will now have equal access to the following six services:

Weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery)
Correction for uneven breasts (breast asymmetry)
Breast reduction
Female sterilisation
Vasectomy (male sterilisation)
Special fertility services (intrauterine insemination or IUI for short, sperm and egg donation, and in-vitro fertilisation, usually called IVF)
Clinical experts in our area looked at the latest evidence and practice for all six of these services, both nationally and locally, to ensure the local offer is high quality and safe together with the findings from a full public consultation to consider the views of local people.

More than 200 people responded to the consultation, many of whom were affected directly or indirectly by the proposals. Consultation responses showed broad support for the proposals from local residents.

Dr Ronan Fenton, Medical Director for the Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System, said, “On becoming an Integrated Care Board last summer we wanted to make sure that what we offer to our local people is as fair as possible to all and informed by the latest guidance and best practice.

“It was good to see from the consultation that there was high level of support for our proposals, and I’m very pleased to have ensured that local people now have the same access to these NHS services wherever they live within mid and south Essex”


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