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The Difference In Used Car Prices Across UK Major Cities

If you’re looking for a used car, you might be wondering why the prices differ so much in different areas. In this article, we will look at the average prices of used cars across the UK’s major cities and provide an in-depth look at why.

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Average Used Car Prices UK

Prices for used cars differ depending on where you are in the UK. For example, at a London used car dealership, you can expect to pay around  £14,166 making this the most expensive place in the UK for used cars. However, at £8,306, Glasgow is the cheapest place on average to buy a used car.

Below is a list of the average used car prices across the UKs major cities. These prices are as of February 2023 and are taken from the latest data from AutoTrader. However, it’s worth noting that these are averages and specific makes and models may vary.

London – £14,166

Birmingham – £9,026

Glasgow – £8,306

Liverpool – £8,556

Newcastle – £8,777

Bristol – £10,857

Manchester – £9,533

Leeds – £8,979

Bristol – £10,857

Edinburgh – £10,771

Cardiff – £9,948

Belfast – £8,399

What Affects The Price?


The factors affecting the price of used cars can differ from city to city. For example, a city with a high population density may have higher demand for smaller, more fuel efficient cars which leads to higher prices for these vehicles. In cities with a lower population, there may be a higher demand for larger and more rugged vehicles such as 4x4s and trucks.

Other than location specific factors, you also have the standard factors of what affects the price of a used car which usually includes mileage and condition.

Brand Popularity

Some brands may also be more popular in certain regions leading to higher prices in those areas. For example, in London the most popular car brands include Audi, BMW and Mercedes. So you can expect these prices to be higher in London due to the demand. In contrast, Ford and Vauxhall brands may be more popular in cities like Manchester and Birmingham making these lower priced in London.


The prices of used cars may also be higher in summer months when the demand for cars is higher due to travel and holidays. Similarly, in colder areas, 4-wheel drive vehicles may be in high demand during the winter which leads to higher prices for those vehicles.

Local Dealerships

The size and location of a dealership can also affect the price of used cars. Large dealerships may have higher overhead costs which can lead to an increased price in their used cars. However, larger dealerships may also have a wider selectin of cars and better financing options. Smaller, independent dealerships may have lower prices, but their selection of cars available may be more limited.

In conclusion, used car prices vary significantly depending on where you are in the UK. If you’re in London looking to buy an Audi or BMW, you can expect to be paying towards the top end for your used car. However, if you’re in a smaller city such as Glasgow or Liverpool, you can expect to pay much less. Other varying factors include population density, brand popularity and many other factors. By understanding these, you can find a used car that meets your needs and your budget.


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