Friday, June 21, 2024

Thurrock Labour leader angry over delay to vital report on council

THURROCK Labour has responded to news that the long awaited outcome of the Best Value Inspection – commissioned to uncover just what led to the greatest financial crash of any British local authority – has been delayed, once again.

Leader of Thurrock Council’s Labour Group, John Kent, said;

“I am shocked that this report has – yet again been delayed.

“We were, initially, promised this report would be published in the first week of January, that was pushed back until 17th of February and now we understand it won’t see the light of day until after May’s local elections.

“This looks like a Conservative government protecting a Conservative council by delaying the outcome of an inquiry – that is likely to be hugely embarrassing to them – until after the local elections and it stinks!

“We have been constantly promised a new era of openness and transparency, once again those promises ring hollow and the people of Thurrock deserve better.”


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