Thursday, July 25, 2024

Ward by Ward: Little Thurrock Rectory: Can Kelly be the Tory hero?

THIS is one of those seats that you think Labour might one day take but you then wonder if it is an optical illusion.

There were whispers last time and then the Conservatives held it by 157.

Yes this is the ward represented by the former leader of the council, Rob Gledhill and sure enough Tom Kelly is a prominent member of the Conservative group, which you would have thought would be a toxic brand but we should really let the voters be the judge of that.

We do hear that the candidate Enayet Sarwar is working hard but that may not be enough.

Former Ukip councillor Russell Cherry may be a spanner in the works and we may need to look at the 2019 result for guidance. as you can see he pushed Labour into third place as he lost by 164.

This could all be about how many traditional Tory voters stay home. We think, not enough and that it will be down to single figures bu…

YT Prediction: Cons Hold



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