Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ward by Ward: Is it time for Labour to regain power in Stifford?

ANOTHER fascinating ward. For a start, there is a Green Party candidate. Over at our sister paper, YourHarlow, there is a full slate of eleven Green candidates. We wish Jack well.

No party has totally dominated Stifford Clays over the past decade or so. Labour haven’t really had a steadfast candidate since the much missed Diana Hale.

As they have held the seat before, they must now fancy their chances. Mark Hooper went fairly close in 2022, losing by 84. He has kept up a profile locally and must go close this time.

Once again, it will be a test for the Tories and how much the desperate financial plight will hit them in the ballot box.

Jennifer Smith returns to defend her seat but it could go either way. This could be a good night for all the independents across the borough or people will just stay home or vote tribally.

Looking at that 2022 poll and how much work Labour have been putting in at wards like this, it could be there night.

YT Prediction: Lab Gain





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