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Tilbury Amazon team stars in Eurovision celebration video

TEAM members from the Amazon fulfilment centre in Tilbury will feature in a video on the company’s UK social media page cheering on their countries ahead of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest final (13th May 2023).

The Eurovision Song Contest is an internationally televised song writing competition, organised by the European Broadcasting Union, which features participants representing their countries from across Europe and beyond.

Employees from a range of backgrounds came together at the Tilbury fulfilment centre to share well wishes to their home countries ahead of the popular global music competition. The upbeat video will show the employees sharing a message in their native language, celebrating the diverse and inclusive culture at Amazon.
Jules Warrior is a coordinator at the company’s fulfilment centre in Tilbury.

Speaking on sharing her good luck message for the UK, Jules said: “Taking part in a video for Amazon’s social media channels made me happy, and it put a smile on my face thinking about the finished content. It feels great to be featured alongside my colleagues.

“I love working in such a diverse place as I get to learn new things, try different foods, and even get taught words in different languages.”

Jules’s colleague, Ausra Gaigaliene, is from Lithuania. Ausra works in problem solving at Amazon in Tilbury and is thrilled to be starring on the company’s social media channels.

Speaking on her experience at Amazon, Ausra said: “Amazon is such a diverse workplace – I have never worked in such a great place before. I love meeting different people every day.”

Ausra is also a huge fan of Eurovision and jumped at the opportunity to take part in the campaign. Speaking on it, she said: “It was a great experience for me! I can’t wait to tune in and hear all the entries. A Eurovision party is a must for me.”

Paula Walasiak, who supports Poland in the video, explained how the video was a great representation of the diverse and inclusive culture at the Tilbury fulfilment centre.

She said: “This is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate the atmosphere we have here at Amazon – we are one big team. Not only do we work hard, but we have fun and make history.

“Participating in the video was super exciting! It was wonderful to see everyone come together to support a shared interest.”

Paula says the best thing about working at Amazon is meeting new people, adding: “The best aspect of working at Amazon is the opportunity to collaborate with such an incredible and diverse group of individuals on a daily basis.”

Amazon Tilbury General Manager, Ruzanna Sargsyan, said: “It was great to get involved in this fun video. We have a diverse team here at Amazon in Tilbury and this video is a great way to showcase the inclusive environment we pride ourselves on. Thank you to everyone who got involved and good luck to all taking part.”

Amazon’s ability to innovate on behalf of its customers relies on the perspectives and knowledge of people from all backgrounds. As well as being among the largest private employers, Amazon is one of the most diverse employers in the UK with a workforce of around 75,000 people from more than 100 countries.

Amazon believes that building a culture that is welcoming and inclusive is integral to people doing their best work and is essential to what it can achieve as a company. Amazon actively recruits people from diverse backgrounds to build a supportive and inclusive workplace and takes steps to ensure employees have a sense of belonging, value, and opportunity.

The company has 13 affinity groups which play an important role in bringing employees together across businesses and geographies, and creating a sense of community while encouraging inclusivity and diversity. These groups include the Black Employee Network, Asians@Amazon, People with Disabilities, Women@Amazon and Glamazon (LGBTQIA+ network). With executive and company sponsorship, these groups play an important role in building internal networks for career development, advising Amazon business units, participating in policy discussions, and reaching out to communities where employees live and work.

Anyone can find out more about what it’s like to work at an Amazon fulfilment centre by signing up for a virtual tour at


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