Sunday, May 19, 2024

Essex Police issue another appeal after record number of 999 calls

ESSEX Police asking the public to only contact us if it’s a police matter after our control room received another 1,300 emergency 999 calls yesterday.

Only around 20 percent of these calls require an immediate, emergency response.

Chief Inspector Jamie Gingell, who runs the control room, said: “Yesterday was another busy day but thanks to the professionalism and dedication of my team, we still managed to answer 999 calls in an average of eight seconds.

“We are always here for people who really need our help, but we’ve seen over the last 24 hours or so a high number of calls from people who really need another agency.

“For example, if you’re reporting an issue about a noise nuisance or graffiti or low-level anti-social behaviour, that’s actually something that should be reported to your local council.

“If you’re call is medical or health related, then you’re better off calling the health service.

“If you’re not sure if the incident or issue you want to speak to someone about is something for the police or not, you can check on the Ask the Police website:

“By doing this, you can help us ensure we’re getting to those people who need our help the most as quickly as possible.

“If someone’s wellbeing is at immediate risk or there is an incident ongoing then that’s the time to call 999.

“If it’s not an emergency then there are other, better ways to get in touch.

“If you have information about an incident or investigation that has already happened, you can also report this to us using our online reporting services:

“You can also contact us using our Live chat functionality during operating hours rather than waiting on a 101 line”.

There’s more information on our website:


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