Thursday, May 30, 2024

New trauma recovery support service for Ukrainian guests in Essex

KIDS Inspire, the specialist trauma recovery and mental health charity, is now welcoming referrals into their new trauma service. With a community of around 2000 Ukrainian guests in Essex, this specialist service will support families impacted by the war in Ukraine to recover from their experiences and rebuild their lives.

Those seeking safety in the UK are often deeply traumatised. Many of them have lived through dreadful experiences. All have lost their homes, their careers, and their communities and many will have made long and difficult journeys before they finally arrived here.

Over the next year the service will build on the support already given to local host families and professionals by the charity, which had highlighted a significant gap in mental health support for the Ukrainian guests, and indeed all survivors of war and conflict.

Referral is easy, and open to Ukrainian families, professionals working with them, and the 1,460 sponsors currently hosting a Ukrainian family in their Essex homes. Following assessment of need the service includes both individual and group therapy sessions, and where language may be a barrier, Kids Inspire’s creative therapists can work non-verbally and with translators.

Sue Bell OBE, Kids Inspire’s Clinical Director and CEO, commented: “Our focus is on helping the Ukrainian guests in Essex to heal from the impact of the trauma they have experienced. Our specialist team can provide tools to help individuals stabilise and move from responding with survival strategies of fight, flight, freeze, fawn, which will be having a negative impact on their lives. Those families engaging in support will feel better able to support their children’s emotional needs and the children will increase their capacity to manage adversity.”

This project is funded by Essex County Council specifically for Ukrainian guests in Essex on the ‘Homes for Ukraine Scheme’.

Services are available for referral now. Families, professionals and sponsors can call 01245 348707 or email More information can be found on the Kids Inspire website, including a contact us form.


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