Sunday, June 16, 2024

Call for Mayor Sue Little to clarify ethnic wedding comment

A WATCHDOG group that helps and supports ethnic communities in Thurrock has called on borough Mayor Cllr Sue Little to clarify a statement which could be interpreted as a racial slur reports Thurrock Nub News.

Cllr Little, who lives in Orsett and also represents the village on the council, is campaigning against a marquee used for functions on the Orsett Showground.

The Woodlands Marquee is particularly popular for hosting Asian, particularly Indian, weddings which can be rather raucous affairs and which have adopted what has now become an established tradition of the groom arriving in fast, expensive sports or luxury cars. The bride and groom leave in similar fashion.

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  1. So again we are again the public are having to listen to the blatant lack of respect and quite evident racist and uneducated opinions of those who are unfortunately in the positions of leadership in our county.
    First the public are called Plebeians and now the Asian community have been directly quoted as having fast cars and no availability for elephants! I’m sure that her poor judgment hopefully indicates that she does not really understand the how rude and disrespectful she has been regarding the Asian community because I would think that should she ever have a comment which generalises in a discriminatory manner towards her directly she would not accept an apology as a response to sort the issue out!

    Those who have a seat in the councillor’s office say that they encourage inclusivity with all diverse communities and do not accept discrimination or racism! Well I think this only applies to those who have delusions of grandeur and make comments when showing their council badges as a power prop and make statements like I can get this shut down!
    Just remember When those envoke the piper he will dictate the tune!

    Thank you


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