Saturday, September 30, 2023

Labour accuses Thurrock Tories of “complete indifference” over concrete problems with schools

LABOUR has accused Thurrock Conservatives of complete indifference to local children’s education, after it was revealed that four Thurrock schools will be closed as they were constructed with aerated reenforced concrete and could collapse.

Councillor John Kent, Leader of Thurrock Labour Group on Thurrock Council said:

“In June I alerted Councillor Carter to the potential problem of Thurrock schools that may have been constructed using reinforced aerated concrete.

“Councillor Carter’s response basically was I don’t know … and I’m not going to find out.

“Now, just days before schools return from the long summer break, we discover that pupils of Arthur Bugler, East Tilbury, St Cleres, and Thameside will have their education disrupted because they are at risk of collapse.

“We know from the recent Best Value Report into the Conservatives stewardship of Thurrock Council, that Tory Councillors were “unconscious incompetent” as they watched on as the council went bust!

“Clearly lessons have not been learned. They just added complete indifference to that skillset.

“Thurrock is completely broken, and the Tories have just given up. There’s not even a pretence of caring”.


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