Thursday, April 18, 2024

Official opening of Stanford Mosque and Thurrock Muslim Centre

THE Mosque Chairman, Siraj Ali, welcomed all guests and briefed them about the history of the building, refurbishment plans, and how this place will benefit local muslim and other communities.

The opening ceremony was conducted by Councillor Qaisar Abbas and attended by Cllr Sue Little, Mayor of Thurrock, Cllr Andrew Jefferies, Council Leader, Cllr James Halden, Cllr Jimmy Thandi, Mr Mark Tebbs, CEO Thurrock CVS, Essex Police officers and representatives of different communities and local businesses.


  1. Do Muslims not have enough mosques to worship in already?
    Thurrock council are bankrupt but can find money for a place of worship but can’t fund more housing, fill potholes, supply food to the hungry or take care of the elderly! TBC you are a disgrace!

  2. No they don’t have enough mosques. It won’t stop until they have taken over completely. Also why has the woman in the middle of the photo got a scarf over her head? She’s not Muslim surely!

  3. Unfortunately and sadly hearing daily quotes of “this country will be mostly muslim culture in the future” Mmm glad I’m at an age where hopefully not in my lifetime. Will add that although I’m a complete atheist in the belief that religion is mainly the cause of unrest leading to war, I believe in each to their own if contained and not extremist views in trying to convert others to their beliefs but again sadly will never cease

  4. @ Tina nothings never enough. Mosques are the heart of Islamic life. You need to go onto the council website if u want to rant about fundings and housing situations

    @jayne your right we dont have enough mosques. They are not trying to take over. Have some respect! Everyone’s God-given human dignity must be respected, regardless of his or her faith, race, ethnic origin, gender, or social status Because everyone is created by God Almighty, the Maker of all, humans must treat one another with full honor, respect, and loving-kindness. The women with the scarf over her head is not muslim but im sure is showing respect just like the queen did when she went into a mosque in Abu dhabi with a scarf on and bare foot.

    @Geri There are 3,868,133 muslims in the uk i mean if that to you means taking over then you should keep your opinions to yourself like you said each to their own.

  5. Well speaking a gay women, I welcome them to Stanford! Live and let live is what I say!
    Me and my LTBTQ+ friends will be the first to welcome them and will be there is support with our rainbow flags ️‍

  6. @Aleya They say that other communities are welcome too, so does that mean the headscarf wont have to be worn if you’re from a different community?
    Also anyone going to Abu Dhabi mosques I would expect to have to follow their culture as its a Muslim Country.

  7. @Anonymous the head scarf doesnt have to be worn if your from a different community. I guess its optional in Abu Dhabi just like it is in any other countries l

  8. @aleya no its not optional there. My partners cousin goes there for work quite often and always has to cover up

  9. @Tina Dobson, the local muslim businessman and families put their own money to purchase the building, council did not put a penny so be assured. And when guests come to your house, the follow the rules you set in your house not the guest themselves. Thank you for understanding.

  10. @Anonymous please next time your partners cousin comes for any work, do let me know (my name is reez) and I will see who asked the person to cover their head at first place be assured I will deal with it accordingly, if some one is not the same faith and visiting for work purpose has nothing to do with following Muslim rules. Yes we do ask to remove shoes due to keeping the floor clean.

  11. @Tina just to let you know that the council do not fund the mosques.. The money is raised by the kindness of the community that are trying to build this mosque, so you do not have to worry about the councils money being put into this project.

  12. I have to say this, we have one very near our home. HORRENDOUS. Causes traffic chaos, noise of all sorts coming from mosque in our local park where people like to sit and rest, horrendous horrendous horrendous. Just watch the traffic issues with surrounding roads and streets. Visitors to such will take parking spaces illegally, park illegally cause jams and chaos. Sorry that such a lovely building going to be causing such unhappiness for the local people here. It causes very much distress.


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